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Case Study

Plan Selection

Our impact: Measurable + meaningful


$160+ billion global telecommunications company


Employees were enrolling in the same health plans year after year despite the addition of new, cost-effective plan options. Many were over-insured, but there was no easy way to show them how much they could save by switching plans.


  • Make it easier for over-insured employees to visualize potential savings and migrate to the most cost-effective plan for their needs
  • Increase enrollment in bronze plans among the members who stood to save the most from them

Our approach to plan selection

Build a plan decision support tool that simulates people’s expected care utilization and estimates their annual out-of-pocket spend with each plan. Highlight the optimal plan for them based on total cost and network participation of their preferred doctors.


  • $557 employer savings per person who switched plans
  • $1,355 average savings per person who switched to the optimal plans

Download this plan selection impact story