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Case Study

Our impact: Measurable + meaningful

Disease avoidance


$95 billion global aerospace company


Low adherence to nationally recommended screenings was resulting in higher-than-expected incidences of life-changing cancer diagnoses—and the subsequent costs of treatment. Mass communications addressed to generic populations failed to inspire urgency around the possibly life-saving screenings available to employees.


Increase employee adherence to nationally recommended preventive screenings, to decrease the hardships and costs related to cancer treatment.

Our approach

Combine and evaluate claims, external, and encounter data for each employee, to identify the most at-risk candidates to nudge about preventive screenings. Create and communicate highly personalized messages to inform and inspire action.


61,959 net new preventive exams, a 22.6% relative increase in adherence over baseline

$37.1 million net savings in cancer treatment costs in year four due to early detections

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