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You need insights to develop an effective benefits strategy. Your employees need guidance to help them make smart enrollment choices and find quality, affordable care. Evive’s flexible platform offers both, with options like dynamic population insight surveys, incentive program administration, and data-driven plan or provider recommendations for employees.

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Plan Recommendations

Employees often struggle to understand benefits and choose the plan options that best meet their needs. Evive’s personalized plan comparisons and data-driven recommendations empower employees to make informed benefits decisions, and provide employers with valuable insights into plan adoption, potential gaps in coverage, and more.


Rewards and recognition programs are powerful tools to boost employee engagement, retention, and morale, but they’re often difficult to manage. Evive’s platform takes that administrative burden off your plate, allowing incentive program participants to easily track their progress and manage rewards, while enabling you to monitor employee participation and measure overall program performance.

Population Insight Surveys

The more you know about your employees’ needs, the better you can build a benefits package to meet them. Evive’s smart survey capabilities dig deep into employee interests, health conditions, and future plans to enable greater personalization. This data produces impactful insights to help you identify population trends, evaluate plan usage, reveal potential gaps in care, and better plan your benefits administration strategy.

Smart messaging depends on data

The more detailed a picture you can paint of each employee, the greater your opportunities for hyper-personalized messaging–and the deeper your insights into population health. Every optional feature we offer allows us to further enhance your data, whether it’s additional data points from surveys, or preferences in benefit plans or providers. This data enrichment translates into higher quality engagement, and better business outcomes, for employees and spouses, alike.

Take your data beyond benefits

With robust data enrichment, and strong data integrations, our platform forms the foundation for a communications strategy that goes well beyond benefits engagement. It’s an investment in a personalized messaging framework to improve the employee experience at every stage of the employee journey, from the moment they’re hired to the day they walk out the door.

Personalization made easy

Personalized messaging at every stage of the employee journey can move the needle on overall employee satisfaction, retention, and development. Engagement opportunities include:

  • Delivering personalized outreach to new hires prior to their start date
  • Leveraging performance review data to drive employees to specific training
  • Facilitating a manager-employee connection through automated outreach
  • Recommending health plans + financial accounts based on demographics
  • Cultivating alumni advocacy through a best-in-class offboarding experience
  • And more…

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Engagement is hard. Evive makes it easy. Tour our flexible SaaS solution to learn how we simplify communications, drive better benefits utilization, and deliver measurable results with data-driven personalization and expertly curated content.