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How great things happen

When employees and their families are connected with the right resources at the right time, great things happen.
Here are just a few highlights from our rich history of driving workforce engagement—and delivering cost savings.


Increase utilization of behavioral health solutions


Increase preventive care screening rate


Enhance employee awareness + perception of benefits


Increase utilization of cost transparency tools


Average increase in Disease management programs: diabetes


Increase utilization of telehealth

Impact Stories

Preventive + chronic care

Despite generous coverage, this company’s preventive and chronic care utilization were well below expectations, due to poor communication and lack of employee awareness around when preventive care was due and that the cost was covered by the plan.
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Disease Management

Despite high levels of upfront enrollment in this company’s disease management program, a steep drop-out rate meant many patients who could benefit from consistent care management went without it, potentially exacerbating their conditions.
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Second opinion

This employer lacked the ability to target employees with conditions likely to require high-cost care, such as back pain or cancer–resulting in second opinion benefits being used by employees with everyday ailments, rather than those who could benefit the most.
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Disease avoidance

This company’s mass messaging around the importance of potentially life-saving screenings failed to boost utilization among employees, and low screening rates resulted in higher-than-expected incidences of life-changing cancer diagnoses—and the subsequent costs of treatment.
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Plan selection

The company’s employees continued to re-enroll in the same health plan year after year, despite the addition of new, cost-effective plan options that could meet their needs. Employees needed to see that they were over-insured and how much they could save by switching plans.
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Personalized incentives

This company was not seeing a return on their employee incentive programs, in part because the incentives weren’t connected to personally relevant activities for employees, and also because this employer was understandably cautious about directing employees to screenings that were not evidence-based.
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Service utilization

While this company offered multiple resources to help employees make more cost-effective choices around care, few employees took advantage of the opportunity. In addition, a large number of vendor-communication programs made it difficult for employees to understand which resources might benefit them the most.
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Program optimization

With a workforce of more than 400,000, this company was plagued by a population who underutilized benefits, overspent on services, and neglected potential health risks. The company needed to find a way to provide more targeted outreach that would encourage employees to select benefits that would increase use, reduce spend, and identify risk.
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Benefits education

While this company offered webinars to help educate employees about the costs and advantages of available benefits, communications about them were lost in the annual open-enrollment shuffle. Few employees even knew these webinars were available as a resource, and attendance remained very low.
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