Our impact:
Measurable + meaningful

Personalized incentives


$95 billion national home-improvement retailer


The company was not seeing a return on employee incentive programs. Two reasons why: incentives were connected to activities that weren’t personally relevant to employees, and the company was understandably cautious about directing employees to screenings that were not evidence-based.


Engage members in health-promoting activities through a customized checklist based on unique member risk and benefit resources.

Our approach

Provide real-time messaging via the member’s employer HR portal to educate and inspire better health-related decisions and choice architecture based on risk and readiness.

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Evive’s customized choice architecture allowed members to select from a range of relevant incentive activities based on survey, biometrics, claims, and benefits ecosystem data.



checklist items completed


of members completed at least one incentive activity


of members completed two or three incentive activities

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