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Case Study

Our impact: Measurable + meaningful

Second opinion


$95 billion global aerospace company


Second-opinion benefits were being utilized by employees with common, everyday ailments rather than those likely to require high-cost care for conditions such as back pain and cancer. This was caused by an inability to target sub-populations likely headed for major treatment who could benefit from a second opinion.


Increase second-opinion utilization for members at high risk for back, knee, hip, and neck surgeries, decreasing the expense of high-cost surgeries when better options exist.

Our approach

Generate target member list using high-volume claims data and predictive algorithms with engagement messaging guided by behavioral science.


59 members consulted 2nd-opinion service for musculoskeletal conditions

$2.1 million avoided in unnecessary treatments*

10 members consulted 2nd-opinion service for prostate & breast cancers

$360,000 avoided in unnecessary treatments*

*Savings estimates provided by 2nd-opinion vendor

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