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Case Study

The Employee Journey

February 5, 2021

Insights From Evive’s Q4 2020 National Employee Journey Survey

Evive’s 2020 National Employee Journey Survey was conducted in Q4 2020 and includes a representative sample of 500 full-time employees across industries, positions and the U.S. The survey examined how employees feel they are treated at each stage of the employee journey.

Understanding the Employee Journey and Employee Value Proposition

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a promise of the employee experience at your company that’s meant to aid in both recruitment and retention. The company’s EVP should go hand in hand with the Employee Journey. The Employee Journey provides thousands of opportunities for your organization to make the EVP truly come to life for employees, in meaningful and memorable ways.

If your organization wants to marry up your EVP and Employee Journey, mass messaging won’t work. You need personalized, just-in-time outreach to sync up with employees as they navigate their journeys. Check out this infographic to learn why.