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Case Study

Benefits Utilization

Our impact: measurable + meaningful


$30 billion national financial institution


This financial services leader works hard to provide employees the benefits they need
to thrive personally and professionally. But the company had only passive benefits communications, leaving employees unaware of the full scope of available resources. The company used several different intranet tools to share information, but lacked a single point of access to its programs. As a result, benefits utilization was disappointingly low.


  • Centralized benefits access
  • Increased benefits awareness and utilization

Our approach to benefits utilization

Evive’s digital hub and data-driven, personalized messaging give employees easy access to their benefits and guide them to the care they need the most. This benefits hub, MyEvive, features all of the company’s benefits and programs in a single location, with helpful resources and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employees and their spouses to access, understand, and use their benefits.


  • 83% of Evive users obtained a blood pressure screening
  • 53% of employees completed a mental health visit virtually
  • Cancer treatment due to colorectal cancer prevention among Evive users resulted in an estimated $5.8 M total savings

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