Return to work

Return to work phases map

This map represents the phase-based approach proposed by The White House. The guidelines provide a set of gating criteria to determine when a region can move to the next phase of re-opening. As time progresses and recommended practices keep the virus controlled, the map will move from red to orange, and then yellow to green.

Employers can use this map to gauge how quickly counties near them are opening up. This provides them with a timeline as to how quickly they need to prepare their own return-to-work policies and procedures.


The Trump Administration laid out a set of criteria to assess how regions should evaluate the severity of COVID-19. With each phase, there is a set of recommended practices. While some of the criteria is based on data that is difficult to collect and analyze, like how equipped hospitals are to handle the influx of cases, we’re focusing on the quantifiable metric of the downward trend of new cases overa
14-day period.

We applied a moving average to limit the noise caused by minuscule daily fluctuations. In addition, for counties that have very few cases, we’ve designated them as Phase 3, regardless of small daily changes in one to two cases. If cases grow past the threshold, the county enters Phase 0, which is the designation for those counties that do not yet meet the 14 days of downward trend.

Data Science Credit Saksham Garg, Jr. Data Scientist