Preparing for the Post-COVID Era:
A Back2Better White Paper

Back2Better Whitepaper cover photo

How CHROs of the World’s Largest Companies are Preparing for the Post-COVID Era

Executive Networks gathered the top HR leaders from some of the world’s largest companies to build the foundation for a better tomorrow. Under the banner of Back2Better, a term coined by Roche’s Chief People Officer and study contributor Cris Wilbur, and with noted Future of Work researcher Dr. John Boudreau at the helm, a group of industry-diverse senior HR leaders of very large, global organizations formed the Back2Better Steering Committee.

Employing the Delphi technique, Boudreau and Executive Networks CEO Mike Dulworth led a series of conversations among Steering Committee members and shared the output with the 40 other CHROs of large global companies who make up the Executive Networks’ Human Resources Roundtable Group. Their input from June, July, and August of 2020 is summarized in this white paper.