Shopping for a Solution? Here’s Where Evive Fits in

There are so many vendors and so many categories in this marketplace, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who does what and where they all fit in. As a former consultant in this space, I’m no stranger to the challenges of navigating these solutions and identifying which clients would benefit most from which ones.

Furthermore, I know how tempting it is to want to put every vendor in a box. Evive is often placed in different boxes by different people, which can make it confusing for consultants and employers alike to develop a genuine understanding of what Evive really does. Coming from my consultancy career to directing consultant strategy here at Evive, I can tell you that we don’t fit into just one categoryand that’s a good thing.

Our data intelligence fuels a number of solutions that are applicable to different problems at different companies. It’s just a matter of understanding the scenario at hand and directing the right products to the right organizations. In short, Evive spans several categories, but the goal is always the same: engage employees in relevant ways.

Taking on engagement from every angle

At its core, Evive is a digital navigatorbut there’s so much more than that. In fact, there are three utilities we use to promote engagement, and these pieces come together to spawn those different products for different categories. The key drivers of our solutions are:

  • Big data
  • Recommendation engine
  • Business intelligence

We see no limits to how we can use these drivers, and that leads to some interesting approaches. Take Evive 360, our comprehensive dashboard that empowers health plans, onsite clinics, and centers of excellence to make the most of every interaction by providing a holistic view of the member. If that’s an area that an employer wants to improve, we could potentially be placed in the “Health Concierge/Advocacy” category.

On the other hand, let’s say an employer is looking to launch a digital-coaching program. HealthQuests, our interactive program for behavior change, would be applicable in that case and place us in the “Coaching” category. Similarly, what if an employer is specifically seeking smart rewards to motivate employees to get those health-promoting activities done? Our ability to create personalized incentives checklists caters to them, and that offering is especially powerful because the checklists are relevant for each individualno one-size-fits-all.

We even create our own categories at times. Take Plan Choice, our open-enrollment decision support tool. We recently launched this and saw two multinational employers experience smoother open-enrollment periods with dramatic cost savings (for the employees and the organizations). People chose more relevant health plans for their needs, and in turn, employers saw better engagement.

Whatever the goal, we have the application to get you there. Sometimes, I believe it’s critical to look past the categories and focus more on what you’re trying to solve. The rest then falls into place.

Co-innovation makes it all possible

Evive identifies where benefits teams are struggling, listens, and designs products to address those issues. Our proactive collaboration with clients helps move this initiative forward, as they keep us in the loop on their newest and biggest challenges. Those clients tend to be the early adopters who are willing to disrupt the status quo with us, and who aren’t afraid to push their vendors so we can all achieve what we envision together.

Our consultant partners are a huge part of this as well. We not only rely on them to help identify the right co-innovators, but to help us identify the more pressing client needs. Their support ensures we address not just one client’s needs, but the pain points many employers are facing on a broader scale.

I’m proud we take this approach, because it ensures we’re creating solutions with the client in mind. When it comes to what the end user (the employee) wants, no one knows better than the employer. When we work with the people who know best, we’re confident it leads us to the most successful innovations: that’s where Evive fits in.


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