More Integration with Less Lift. Who’s Ready?

Whether sharing our security philosophy of “methodical paranoia” or singing the praises of the least-access principle, we’re constantly reinforcing our commitment to reducing risk.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons eOS exists. By offering a platform that can manage so many critical risks in one system, we can address the pain points benefits leaders face while maintaining a world-class security posture that protects all the data involved. And with the growing number of vendors in employer ecosystems, superior data protection matters.

Any HR leader in a large enterprise knows the heavy lifting involved with managing a complex ecosystem. One of the biggest advantages of our platform is that it paves the way for a simpler and more efficient integration process, significantly easing that lift. What was once a hurdle becomes a predictable step that gets you closer to desired results.

Here’s how our focus on security has created an implementation process that’s easier on everyone: employers, employees, and vendors alike.

Pre-built pathways

It can be time-consuming to establish processes and complete audits with new vendors. In the course of working with more and more employers (and their vendors), we saw an opportunity to make things smoother. Realizing there was quite a bit of overlap between the vendors that different employers picked, we decided to establish robust and standardized data pathways for those that come up often.

While we consider ourselves vendor-agnostic, ready and able to work with any vendor in an employer’s ecosystem, a vendor that’s considered “Evive Ready” is one with which we have an existing relationshipand for which we’ve already built secure data paths and data-sharing protocols.

Vendors gain an advantage from being Evive Ready. It means they get to connect with more employee populations in a faster manner. Employers benefit by avoiding the potential hiccups and security risks of self-managed integration (and quicker integration means getting to enjoy the results sooner).

It also makes it a cinch to add new vendors once you’re up and running with eOS. We’re ready for them, and they’re ready for usand you.  

Nitty-gritty, handled

Because our platform was built with risk management as a foundational pillar, we’ve battle-tested with third-party auditors to ensure our solutions are HIPAA and GDPR compliant, and that they encompass the best-in-class technology, processes, and communications needed for success.

With programs like Evive Ready, alongside an operating system and integration process that prioritizes easy connectivity, employers get more predictable timelines, budgets, and ROI. Our internal security team is equipped with the latest cyber-security practices and trained to handle PHI (protected health information) and PII (personally identifiable information) responsibly, letting us handle the nuts and bolts of integration safely and effectively. Moreover, it reduces the load on our clients’ IT teams, allowing them to focus on bigger-picture items, like overall security management strategy and project governance.

Making all ecosystems stronger

The better the integration process is for employers, the better it is for their vendorsand us, too. As each client brings in new vendors, we identify new and interesting services that are providing value or closing a gap for people every day. Our ecosystem grows, their ecosystems grow, and these powerful point solutions reach more people.  

Ultimately, that’s what makes integrating with eOS so worthwhile: It brings more value to the lives of employees and to the bottom lines of employers. Those impacts are what drive our “speed to value” approach, and that approach is improving lives right now.

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