Evive at NBGH Business Health Agenda 2018: Personalizing Benefits Communications

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the National Business Group on Health’s Business Health Agenda 2018!

Lesley Leiserson, Director of Benefits for The Home Depot, and Prashant Srivastava, CEO of Evive led an engaging workshop on how to personalize benefits communications to increase employee engagement.

For those who weren’t able to make it, catch up on the highlights below:

In benefits, HR leaders have many goalstwo that take priority are helping employees become aware of their benefits, and helping employees take action on their benefits. Employers like The Home Depot view personalization as the key element to achieve those goals.

How is it done? It takes five critical steps.

1) Walk in the user’s shoes: Develop a detailed profile for each employee to help understand each person’s unique persona and needs.

*If you’d like to use our worksheet, click on the image to download a PDF version.

2) Give them a reason: After learning what matters to each person, offer useful information and meaningful incentives to inspire action. Consider what you hope to accomplish when offering such incentives. Is it enrollment in a specific program? An increase in preventive screenings?

3) Make it personal: Each person gets personalized communications about the right benefits at the right times. When nudges work like this, they can change lives.

4) Maintain momentum: Creative methods like gamification can be applied to further engage and educate employees about their benefits.

5) Build on success: Continue identifying new tools and techniques that make benefits even more meaningful.

When benefits communications are approached in this way, real engagement and measurable outcomes arise. Higher enrollment rates and better participation can lead to things like better health, financial stability, and work/life success.

What is the most important thing you measure as an employer? Whether it’s a decrease in medical spend, higher levels of employee satisfaction, increased program utilizationor all of the aboveyou can use that to effectively guide your efforts and ultimately reach goals.

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