When people use their benefits, amazing things happen, like better health, financial security, and work/life success. But people don’t use their benefits to the full extent, because benefits can be difficult to understand, use, and manage―for employees and employers alike. Until now.

Evive is changing how people use benefits. We’ve done away with complexity and created an experience that’s simple, seamless, and completely unique to every person who uses it. And our results prove it: we’re onto something.

Powered by big data and little nudges, we’re reframing the conversation about benefits. And we won’t stop short of love.

At a glance: the value we bring

Richer data

We ingest data to create a unique profile of each member. Using predictive analytics, we anticipate what each person might need from their benefits at any given time, and guide them toward those resources with little nudges.

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More relevance

We don’t just make benefits relevant to employees. Our solutions are relevant to the evolving needs of employers, too. We continuously design applications that address real benefits challenges, brought to us by our Fortune 500 customers.

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Better results

Our data-driven applications guide the right actions at the right moments—and the results go well beyond a better bottom line. Evive makes it easier for employees and their spouses to achieve financial readiness, better health, work/life harmony, and more.

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When people use their benefits,
great things happen

Ask someone to tell you about their benefits and chances are they won’t get too far. Most people don’t know the full value of the benefits available to them, or how to access them. Evive fixes both.

Evive makes using benefits a seamless part of your daily routine. Your benefits show up just when you need them. Bye-bye, manuals. Hello, love.