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Crisis Communications, Reconsidered

July 14, 2020

How Evive Supports Workforces through COVID-19, Return to Work, and Beyond

Crisis communication really isn’t so different from day-to-day communication—not if you’re doing the latter effectively.

In this eBook, we share the journey Evive has taken with its large-employer customers from the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to the Return to Work phase, and the key role rapid, relevant communications played throughout it. COVID-19 threw everyone for a loop and catapulted employers into crisis mode, forcing companies to pivot how they positioned their benefits and resources to employees with strategic, highly-segmented messaging in the right moments. To help our customers support their populations throughout the crisis, we equipped them with tools to help their employees feel heard, supported, and safe.

Read the full eBook to understand how the Evive platform empowered these employers with effective communication capabilities. Plus: learn the compelling insights gleaned from our national survey research and MyEvive user polling that helped inform these efforts and more.