Our reason
Benefits deserve better.

Companies today are putting more ingenuity and resources into the benefits they offer. But there’s still an underlying problem: employees don’t use their benefits to the full extent. That’s because benefits have become increasingly difficult to understand, use, and manage.

Evive fixes that.

First, we fix access. The Evive platform threads together a company’s entire benefits portfolio into an integrated ecosystem. This makes access seamless, clear, and instantaneous. Half the battle.

Next, we fix utilization. Evive helps increase benefits utilization by pushing personalized reminders―we call them nudges―to prompt action at the relevant moment.

When benefits work like this, something great happens: people use them.

Evive: the right mix

The right


In Evive’s unique platform, all benefits live together with top options accessed through a single sign-on. This platform is integrated with the industry’s most robust data set, merging employee data with relevant external data.

The right


Evive data sets are updated continuously―even daily in some cases―enabling our predictive analytics to accurately identify which benefits an employee needs and when. This triggers a relevant nudge delivered at just the right time.

The right


Anchored in principles of behavioral science, each personalized nudge is crafted to optimize the potential for employee action. The nudge is delivered via web portal, mobile app, or direct mail based on employee preference and past response.

Two friends, one big idea:

Fix benefits

As colleagues in the healthcare industry in 2007, Evive co-founders Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava recognized a problem: healthcare was moving toward a consumer model, but little in the industry was consumer-friendly. This was particularly true with healthcare benefits. Employers were spending more and more to offer competitive benefits, yet employee utilization remained frustratingly low.

Peter and Prashant saw benefits as their big opportunity―and challenge. Their vision: boldly transform the experience of using benefits, leveraging big data and the emerging science of predictive analytics.

Today, Evive’s solutions empower millions of people to take full advantage of their benefits―from healthcare and 401(k) to employer-offered discounts and other perks. The result? More value for everyone. Bring on the love.

Hear Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava share Evive’s founding vision and how it’s even more relevant today.

Guiding the way: our leadership team

Brian holds more than 20 years of experience across consulting, private equity, and healthcare. Most recently before joining Evive, he served as the Vice President of Total Rewards, Performance and Analytics for Premise Health, a leading healthcare access provider. Having fulfilled various leadership roles in his career, Brian has led large-scale HR technology implementations and built HR functions from inception.

In his free time, Brian enjoys swimming, along with anything else that gets the family outside. He and his wife live in north suburban Grayslake, IL.

Originally from India, Keval attended the Illinois Institute of Technology where he earned his Master’s in Computer Science. Prior to joining Evive in 2013, he owned his own startup and worked with organizations including the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Man Group PLC.

An inquisitive problem-solver and listener, Keval is most proud of helping Evive expand into the digital era. He enjoys the dynamic, ‘fail-fast’ philosophy of Evive and loves bringing innovative ideas to the table. When he’s not at work, Keval enjoys reading.

With 10+ years of experience in HR Technology, Lenny brings a unique blend of quick learning, technical knowledge, design thinking, and creative business acumen. Before joining Evive, he served as Director of Product Strategy and Innovation for Alight Solutions, where he worked closely with Fortune 500 HR executives and solution partners to help employees and HR departments thrive. He’s driven by the purpose of helping people and loves a good challenge.

Lenny holds a degree in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with family, coach soccer, and play golf.

Allen joined the Evive team after 32 years with national retailer Kohl’s. During his time there, he led pivotal benefits initiatives including health plans, well-being, retirement, work/life, and onsite child development centers. His extensive experience in HR operations and benefits gives him valuable insight into the concerns of large employers, well equipping him to unify Evive’s client teams and align their work with each client’s success metrics.

Allen is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Retail Management. He enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and gardening.

Daya holds more than 25 years of experience in the IT world. After earning her Master’s degree in Mathematics from Delhi University and Management Studies from Oxford, she has worked across large corporations and technology start-ups to scale operations and improve client experiences. Before joining Evive, she was the Managing Director at Zyme’s India Operations. Daya’s vast knowledge and experience in scaling processes and teams make her a perfect fit for Evive’s high-growth environment.

Her personal business philosophy is to ”get the right people in the right roles, then everything else follows.” When she’s not working, Daya enjoys traveling and reading.

With a background spanning more than 25 years, Jeff brings a wealth of proven experience in business development and healthcare technology. A Chicago native, Jeff earned his Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management from Western Illinois University, having also studied business administration.

After founding and ultimately selling his own healthcare startup, Jeff joined Evive in 2008. A hard worker with an eye for spotting innovation, Jeff lives by the mantra, “Don’t make excuses, make improvements.” In his spare time, Jeff enjoys running, biking, golfing, and 
spending time with his family.

A seasoned marketing-communications practitioner and leader, Michael has helped brands drive meaningful top-line results for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Evive, he built in-house marketing teams for a business unit of Herman Miller as well as for a 25-person, full-service interiors practice. Michael describes his approach as “the power of good design and good dataand the good sense to strike the correct balance between them.”

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from Savannah College of Art and Design. Outside work, Michael enjoys time with family, art, anything mid-century, and walking everywhere he can in Chicago.

With more than 25 years of business and financial management experience, John has a successful track record helping private-equity backed companies grow and scale. He is responsible for all aspects of accounting, treasury, FP&A, and legal. Most recently, John was CFO at Infogix, Inc., a data management and analytics company, and previously held finance and accounting roles at SAVO and Interface Software. He’s a hands-on leader with a clear understanding of business economics and key value drivers.

John graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Outside work, John enjoys traveling with his family and golfing.

Passionate and direct, Marissa leads Evive’s operations with tenacity and clear objectives. Prior to Evive, she worked at Ventiv Technology (formerly Aon eSolutions) as a Senior Manager in Account and Project Management. She believes change is the only constant we face, and with technology always evolving, it’s our job to stay ahead of the curve with exceptional solutions. Her favorite part of Evive is collaborating with team members who always give 110% to changing lives, one day at a time.

Marissa is originally from Dayton, Ohio and earned her MBA from Northwestern University. Her hobbies include tennis, staying active, and playing with her puppy.

Having worked as a total-health management consultant for several years at Mercer, Krupa brings a valuable outside perspective on what large employers are looking for when it comes to solving their benefits engagement challenges. Her vision is to show employers why implementing a navigator is a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have, specifically in how it helps achieve the greatest value in niche programs.

Krupa grew up in Atlanta and attended the University of Georgia where she earned her Master of Public Health. She likes trying new restaurants, traveling, and exploring the many neighborhoods of Chicago.

One of the longest-standing team members of Evive, Michele has lent her expertise since 2013. Her calm confidence makes her a superb leader, one who has made a difference in many aspects of the organization and built multiple new teams from scratch. Before joining Evive, Michele worked for HCSC as a Senior Director in Analytics and Information Management. She loves co-innovating with our clients and learning new things from them.

Born in California and raised in Minnesota, Michele received her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Southwest Minnesota State University. She is a fan of University of Minnesota Women’s Volleyball and the Chicago Blackhawks. In her spare time, Michele enjoys listening to live music, yoga, and flower gardening.

A Milwaukee native, Jim received his Bachelor of Arts in Finance and his MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before joining Evive, Jim served in executive roles at PeopleSoft, with an emphasis on human-capital management, and then led startup TeraMedica to full commercialization and eventual sale to FujiFilm. Subsequently, he continued his work in enterprise software at Workday.

A leader with an eye toward the future, Jim understands the complexities of organizations large and small. In his spare time, Jim likes to golf, bike, and spend time with his family at the lake.

Prior to co-founding Evive, Peter directed corporate sales and business development for Focused Health Solutions and served as Operations Director for Johnson & Johnson. Peter attended The University of Texas at Austin where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business, followed by the University of Michigan where he earned his Master of Science in Worksite Health Promotion.

Passionate about doing right by customers and company, Peter believes “how you get there is as important as getting there.” When he isn’t working, Peter enjoys spending time with family, volunteering for the Posse Foundation, and golfing.

Evive co-founder Dr. Prashant Srivastava led the development of the company’s proprietary predictive analytics platform. He earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Before Evive, Prashant directed clinical operations for Focused Health Solutions and led a product and process technology group at Pfizer.

Evive embodies Prashant’s passion for transforming lives by providing the right information at the right time. Outside work, Prashant enjoys spending time with family, swimming, traveling, and reading.

Shaoping has 20 years of technology leadership and innovation experiences in information security, risk management, and design of distributed enterprise software platforms. He earned his Master’s in Computer Science from University of Minnesota and his MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He’s passionate about stepping up cyber hygiene, nurturing a “secure by design” culture, and bringing innovative solutions to data and applications security.

In his spare time, Shaoping enjoys tinkering with new software and hardware technologies in his basement lab and racing in marathons and triathlons.