Our reason:
Benefits deserve better

Companies today are putting more ingenuity and resources into the benefits they offer. But there’s still an underlying problem: employees don’t use their benefits to the full extent. That’s because benefits have become increasingly difficult to understand, use, and manage.

Evive fixes that.

Evive: the right mix

The right platform

Our platform powers solutions that help employees get the most out of their benefits. And that helps you get the most out of your benefits investment, whether your focus is controlling costs, reducing risk, improving experiences—or all three.

The right moment

Timing is everything. That’s why our robust data sets are updated continuously, enabling our predictive analytics to accurately identify the right benefits engagement opportunity for the right employee—right when they need it.

The right way

Whether it’s a push notification from our mobile app or a phone call with a health concierge that’s elevated by our recommendations, we meet employees along their benefits journey and deliver messaging in the mode they prefer—in a way that persuades.

Two friends, one big idea:
Fix benefits

As colleagues in the healthcare industry in 2007, Evive co-founders Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava recognized a problem: healthcare was moving toward a consumer model, but little in the industry was consumer-friendly. This was particularly true with healthcare benefits. Employers were spending more and more to offer competitive benefits, yet employee utilization remained frustratingly low.

Peter and Prashant saw benefits as their big opportunity―and challenge. Their vision: boldly transform the experience of using benefits, leveraging big data and the emerging science of predictive analytics.

Today, Evive’s solutions empower millions of people to take full advantage of their benefits―from healthcare and 401(k) to employer-offered discounts and other perks. The result? More value for everyone. Bring on the love.

Hear Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava share Evive’s founding vision and how it’s even more relevant today.