Return-to-Work Safety:
Live Q&A with Dr. Jeffery Semel

An Evive on-demand webinar | 50 minutes

Thumbnail- COVID-19 Return to Work

In this webcast, Dr. Jeffery Semel and Evive CEO Prashant Srivastava discussed the challenging nature of the COVID-19 era and how employers can prepare their workforce for a safe return to the workplace. Key highlights from the conversation include:

  • Implementing an “infection control program” in the workplace
  • Modifying protocols as new information + technology becomes available
  • Accessibility of various COVID-19 testing options
  • Prioritizing return-to-work strategies (face masks, social distancing, temperature checks, etc.)
  • Displaying CDC recommendations with prominent signage

Hear an expert’s opinion as you craft your plan for the big return to work.

Prashant Srivastava

Co-founder and CEO


Dr. Jeffery D. Semel

Former Head of Infectious Diseases

NorthShore University HealthSystem