Let’s Get Back in Touch:
What’s New With Evive

An Evive on-demand webinar | 45 minutes

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Let’s Get Back in Touch: What’s New With Evive

When it comes to choosing between personalized communications, a benefits hub, and data aggregation, you no longer need to sweat it! Evive does it all. And we automate it.

Spend a few minutes with Evive to learn more about what’s new and why we don’t make you choose.

During this webinar, we’ll focus on:
- Evive’s platform as a client solution that is both a benefits aggregator and personalized communications platform
- How data-driven communications can create a personalized experience that results in employee benefits and workplace engagement
- Demonstration of Evive’s platform and how it’s easy to use for both employers and employees
- How Evive supports the entire employee journey

Evive has changed, and we’d like to show you what’s new! We hope to see you there!

Michele Peterson

Vice President, Channel Engagement