How to Maximize Managerial Impacts:
Through Tiny Habits with Dr. BJ Fogg

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Maximize Managerial Impacts with B.J. Fogg

Maximizing Managerial Impacts

The manager/direct report relationship has always been pivotal to employee retention, career growth, and overall team dynamic and output. However, managers are often tasked with more than they can tackle on a daily basis, leaving some key team wins unwon through either simple forgetfulness or reluctant deprioritization.

This challenge around a consistent connection is even more apparent in today’s distributed workforce—in which many of the opportunities for meaningful personal and professional connection seem precluded by time and distance.

Luckily, New York Times-best-selling author BJ Fogg, PhD, has been studying human behavior for more than 20 years. His behavior change method translates into both the personal and professional spheres.

Watching this webinar, you will learn:
- How to crack the code on professional habit formation
- A simple method for designing key habits that boost manager and employee productivity (especially in a remote work environment)
- Insights into how automated messaging technology can help

Dr. BJ Fogg

Author + Behavior Scientist

Jennifer Lindner

Director of Product Marketing