Best Practices for Communications:
Engagement in a Post-COVID-19 World

An Evive on-demand webinar | 45 minutes

Case Studies of Engagement in a Post-COVID-19 World

People need to receive messages from their employer that are rapid, relevant, and multimodal. This is true for the day-to-day operations, and there’s no exception in times of crisis: Evive immediately recognized this when it came to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020.

Employers needed to refocus their communication strategies. To better inform these communications, Evive launched a national survey to understand how people’s sentiments about the crisis were affecting their behavior, as well as how community conditions were affecting them. With strategic analysis of this data, Evive worked with its large-enterprise customers to target and engage specific segments of the population with relevant employer-sponsored benefits and public health resources.

This webinar will help people understand the importance of rapid communication—in times of crisis and all other times, too. They’ll hear a compelling story of how Evive helped some of the nation’s largest enterprises maintain (and boost) employee engagement during the COVID-19 outbreak, all while connecting people with valuable resources to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Finally, attendees will learn how these communication strategies can be applied going forward and why it’s critical to have a platform that can execute on those strategies right away.

Prashant Srivastava

Co-founder and CEO


Jennifer Lindner

Director of Product Marketing