Best Communications Practices:
Engaging Employees in a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

An Evive on-demand webinar | 42 minutes

How to Engage Employees in a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

Large organizations and their workforces are slowly re-adjusting to a post-COVID-19 world. In order to reinforce new policies and build population trust, there are many important steps employers need to take to ensure a safe workplace. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the necessity of rapid, relevant communications—and as employees return to work, they need those communications more than ever: whether mass communications, segmented ones, or campaigns of one.

In this webinar, we’ll share compelling evidence from our national COVID-19 surveys that proves why tailored, meaningful communication matters. Employees who receive frequent messaging from their employer about COVID-19 updates, operational impacts, and news for returning to work report being more loyal to their company—which ultimately results in a more engaged workforce and successful business.

Learn how this approach to communication can better connect your employees with the benefits and resources they need, in the moments they need them, especially in uncertain times like the era we find ourselves in now. Help your business thrive and your workforce feel safe and confident in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

Ashima Dua

Senior Product Manager


Lara Gossman

Director of Customer Experience