How Global CHROs Envision our Post-COVID Future

An Evive on-demand webinar | 45 minutes

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Back2Better - How Global CHROs Envision our Post-COVID Future

We’ve all heard anecdotal commentary about what the workforce and workplace will look like now that many states are starting their reopening plans. With many organizations poised to “go back,” nearly 16 months removed from the beginning of the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, CHRO’s from some of the world’s largest organizations are overwhelmingly optimistic about the post-pandemic future.

In this webinar, Executive Networks’ President and CEO, Mike Dulworth, along with Evive’s President and CEO, Prashant Srivastava, and NYU's Academic Director of Human Capital Management, Anna Tavis, did a deep dive of Back2Better’s Global 1000 CHRO Survey Summary and Results. They provided a deep analysis of the data, offered their insight on the future of the workplace and workers, and answered participant questions.

The webinar covered key topics including:
● The pandemic and the economy
● The organization of the future
● Leadership of the future
● Work and workplace of the future
● The worker of the future

We hope you enjoy the webinar!

Prashant Srivastava

President + CEO


Michael Dulworth

President + CEO

Executive Networks