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More Than a Hub: Solving All Pain Points with Data-Driven Guidance

Prashant Srivatava November 7, 2018

You build your benefits ecosystem with offerings that check all the boxes: health insurance, retirement savings, and let’s not forget the work/life perks like employee assistance programs or gym discounts. These are the sorts of things people expect to receive from their employer, and they generally know what problems these benefits will solve.

But what if you could optimize your ecosystem to help employees solve problems they might not expect? What if you could provide solutions to unique challenges they face, both inside and outside the workplace, that other employers might not typically consider? What if you could really surprise and delight people with their benefits?

Good news: you can. You just need the right technology to reach them in moments that matter the most—with the right benefit that enables them to live in better health, reach greater financial security, and achieve their dreams.

The magic is in data-driven guidance

Having one, easily accessible benefits hub is often the first step HR leaders take to engage employees. But engaging people in all the ways possible takes more than that—it takes personalizing the experience so it’s relevant and timely.

Data-driven guidance is what makes it possible to target benefits to just the right person, right when they need them, in a way that’s relevant. This just-in-time information coupled with seamless access provided by the hub makes benefits engagement easy for the end user.

While our smart hub is often the solution our customers start with, there are other pain points facing benefits leaders that data-driven guidance can solve as well.

Guiding smart decision-making

Open enrollment can be as stressful for employees as it often is for HR pros. Choosing a health plan that will best fit a person’s needs—and save them money—can be challenging, particularly as employers add a multitude of options with narrow networks and more nuanced plan designs to optimize the efficiency of their spend.

One of our most powerful products, Evive Plan Choice, solves this problem by using data-driven guidance to help people identify the most relevant health plan for their circumstances. After the employee goes through three easy steps, our platform digs in to the available claims data and other information, such as anticipated medical care, that the employee shares. The data analysis happens within the technology itself, but the person sees the intelligence at work when they receive their available plan options with the most relevant one highlighted based on their needs. The tool is even embedded right in the person’s annual enrollment flow, meeting them where they are, and the benefits admin sees the transaction upon completion.

As is the case with our benefits hub, MyEvive, another issue is alleviated thanks to the smart application of data-driven guidance. Plan-selection problem: solved.

Improving customer-service experiences

Benefits engagement is brought to a new level when you apply intelligent data to improve customer-service experiences that are relevant to HR—call centers for benefits administrators, health plans, PBMs, and the like. Evive 360 was born out of that approach.

The beauty of this product is it solves pain points for customer-service representatives (CSRs), and in turn, for employees. In this case, we use all the available data to give the CSR a holistic view of the member who calls them. The comprehensive dashboard lets the CSR know which benefits that caller has engaged with recently, which benefits messages they’ve received, and any other relevant details that would impact which benefits they might want to engage with next.

By applying data intelligence in new and creative ways, more value is added to each interaction, resulting in a more productive conversation and a better experience for everyone involved. Another problem: solved.

Empowering healthy habits

It can be difficult to improve lifestyle habits in the midst of a busy life. Between work and personal commitments, people often struggle with making the significant changes they want in order to reach healthy goals. We recognized this, and figured if big changes could be broken into small, manageable choices, those larger and significant impacts could result.

Enter HealthQuests. This solution uses data intelligence to connect those in your workforce who are at risk of developing unhealthy habits with fun, interactive programs that encourage real behavior change. Someone could engage in a HealthQuest, for example, with the specific goal of getting better-quality sleep, becoming more physically active, or reducing stress and being more mindful. The technology that powers HealthQuests was created to encourage people when they reach milestones, and to nudge them when they start dropping off.

It’s a case of data being used to support employees in creating healthy habits that will last. Turning intention into action: solved.

Driving achievements with smart rewards

Data can be particularly powerful when trying to identify employees to complete a set of beneficial tasks—things like getting their biometrics done, keeping up to date with their cancer screenings, or taking advantage of programs that prevent or help manage chronic illnesses. While communications alone can activate some, incentives can accelerate activation.

We do this by designing incentive programs that use our intelligent technology to track, encourage, and reward people for completing the items on their to-do list. It starts with curating a personalized list that’s contextually relevant for each person based on their history, interests, and demographics. Then, we can automatically track which activities users have completed, nudge them on those they haven’t, and keep an ongoing tally of points for their progress. Just like that, data-driven guidance is used to motivate action.

Another opportunity to up benefits utilization: completed.

Go the extra mile

At Evive, we’re designing and deploying technology that solves key pain points for HR professionals. It began with our smart hub, and as we’ve partnered with clients, new opportunities have been identified and tackled. Together, we drive better plan decisions, better employee-service experiences, lifestyle changes toward better health, and more effective rewards programs.

At the core of these solutions is our data-driven guidance engine that helps employees make better decisions. Going further, it helps them solve unique challenges in their lives—and ultimately helps employers maximize value in their human-capital investments.