Our solutions

A closer look

Evive solutions provide options, flexibility, and control for all who use them. Inspiring engagement is different for each person, so our platform is flexible and delivery-agnostic. We meet people where they are, seamlessly integrating benefits into everyday life.


MyEvive threads together the entire benefits ecosystem into one simple platform, personalized to each user. Top benefits are available through a single sign-on. Daily callout banners nudge individuals toward real-time opportunities relevant to their personal health, savings, and well-being.

Evive Inside

Evive Inside serves analytics-driven banners compatible with virtually any website. Each banner features a relevant message shaped by Evive’s proprietary predictive analytics platform, using as much data integration as the client provides access to.

Paper Evive

Paper Evive delivers care reminders and savings opportunities to the employee’s home mailbox. Like its digital cousins, Paper Evive’s personalized content is powered by data, analytics, and behavioral science. Employees receive a tangible reminder they can hang on the fridge, stick on their calendar, and unfold and discover.