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Investing in impact

Just as no two benefits programs are the same, your investment in Evive is tailored to your unique program. No off-the-shelf and no one-size-fits-all. You pay only for the services you need, because each of your benefits is directed only to the people who need them.

Give employees personalized guidance, drive greater utilization, and improve personal well-being for a fraction of your benefits costs. When people know about their benefits and act at the right times, costs go down and value goes up.

Depending on your historical baseline, Evive is cost neutral—as in, zero additional investment. Most often, the savings exceeds the cost. Here are just three examples of the outcomes we make real. Learn more by reading our impact stories.




Improve awareness of
cost transparency

Switched to generics: 8%
Avg. annual employee savings: $1,200


Total annual employee savings1


Share more HSA knowledge
Opened HSA, raised funding: 25%*
Average annualemployee
contribution: $1,000


Employer tax savings


Implement discount programs
Used the new discounts: 64%
Reported job satisfaction
due to benefit: 76%


Likely to stay due to benefit2


Based on a company with 30,000 employees.

1. www.goodrx.com, 2017 cost of generic vs. brand-name Atorvastatin

2. Studies by Career Builder, 2013; MetLife, 2013; Corporate Wellness, 2016

*Includes 15% who opened HSA and 10% who raised contributions.

Performance everyone can believe in

Evive solutions inspire confidence not only in the ease of using benefits but
also in the value they provide. Promises are nice—but only when they’re
backed up with performance guarantees that align with your goals. We work
every day to continually earn the trust of the more than 4 million covered
lives who depend on us.