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Our platform

When benefits are a seamless part of everyday life, people use them more. It’s that simple. So in designing our solutions, we set out to mirror effortless consumer experiences, like reading a text or logging on to a website.

With simplicity and intuition as our guiding principles, we’ve solved some of today’s toughest benefits challenges for some of the world’s most innovative employers.

EviveOS™ is how. It’s a technology platform that we call eOS for short, and it gives people the guidance and flexibility they want when using benefits. It’s how employees get ever closer to important things like better health and financial security. And it’s how employers get a stronger bottom line and a thriving workforce. Everybody benefits.

Before seeing the first byte of data, we built an industry-leading infrastructure for handling protected information. As security evolves, so do we.

The best solutions are based on the best data. That’s why we use our own mix of user, vendor, health claims, sensor activity, and external data sources.

We use all that data to power relevant benefit, provider, well-being, and plan recommendations. Better decisions, easier than ever.

We never met a metric we didn’t like. We continually analyze activity, program, and cost data, so we can report on outcomes and return on investment.

Our applications

MyEvive threads together the entire benefits ecosystem into one simple application. It uses personalized, data-driven messaging to nudge people toward real-time opportunities to use their benefits to improve their health, savings, and well-being. People can also use MyEvive to check their deductible status, find nearby care, view notifications from their employer, and more.

Evive 360 empowers health plans, on-site clinics, and centers of excellence to make the most of every member interaction. Fueled by the same intelligence that powers MyEvive, it provides a holistic view of each member in an integrated dashboard that displays their activity across the benefits ecosystem. This allows providers to easily offer a collaborative care experience for everyone.

Evive Plan Choice uses claims data and anticipated medical events to estimate the total cost of care under each health plan and guide people toward the one best suited to their needs. It can also be used to inform plan designs prior to open enrollment.

Evive Inside enhances existing benefits portals with data-driven banners designed to prompt further benefits engagement. Crafted in accordance with behavioral science principles, the banners are targeted using predictive analytics and as much data integration as the client allows.

Evive Rewards incentivizes people to take action. Using available data, it generates checklists of activities for each person to complete based on their unique needs at the time. Evive Rewards can boost adherence to care recommendations, inspire better financial readiness, and improve the targeting and perception of existing benefits.

Evive Best Match enables smarter healthcare consumerism, helping people get the value they seek at an affordable price. Using a five-star quality scale informed by referral patterns, 200 federally approved quality measures, and fair price data, it takes the guesswork out of the search for quality care.

Proven process. Proven results.

Evive helps employees and employers get the most from their benefits program. Making it happen takes collaboration and partnership. Evive has perfected a process that sets up clients for success from day one, while minimizing their time investment and disruption.

Step 1:

The diagnostic

Evive’s proprietary diagnostic is our critical first step. During this phase, a dedicated team of experts assigned to your business develops a deep understanding of your goals and priorities, benefits strategy, and vendor partners.

Step 2:

The go-live

With diagnostic complete, we configure your unique program and implement it across your workforce. Evive prepares your employees with materials and orientation that introduce their new benefits hub.

Step 3:

The long term

Your Evive team provides ongoing support and quarterly reviews to monitor results and adjust your program as needed to deliver maximum return. Our solutions are dynamic and flexible, built to easily adapt and change as your benefits program evolves.

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