Our platform:
Making benefits seamless

Our platform

When benefits are a seamless part of everyday life, people use them more. It’s that simple.

With this principle in mind, we’ve solved some of today’s toughest benefits challenges for some of the world’s most innovative employers.

EviveOS™ is how. It’s the technology platform that supports our solutions: both for employees and their families (MyEvive) and for the telephonic advocates who engage with them on their journeys (Evive 360). Using robust data sources and predictive analytics, EviveOS™ delivers simplified, deeply personalized user experiences that connect people to their benefits in the moments that matter most.

It’s how employees find themselves closer to better health and financial security. It’s how employers get a stronger bottom line and a thriving workforce. Everybody benefits.

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A gateway for navigation, engagement, and change for employees

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Evive 360

A comprehensive dashboard of actionable insights for advocates

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EviveOS: The Evive Operating System