Small enterprises need big engagement.

Data delivers it.

Small enterprises uniquely feel the challenges of communicating to a diverse and dispersed workforce—maybe even more so than large corporations. Privacy and a close-knit cultural tone need to be maintained while still delivering messages that are timely and targeted. Oftentimes, this filtering and list-pulling falls into yet another manual task for a busy HR team. And without the right data, the task becomes impossible.

Your solution is here, and it is sized just right. 

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Easier, more effective communication

Audience selection

Your workforce has valuable diversity—and beyond that, each and every employee is on their own journey. These simple facts build a strong case against one-size-fits-all communications any day of the week. That’s why we mine HR data—and strategically pulse-survey your population—to trigger the right message to just the right audience.

Multichannel outreach

Reach is critical. In today’s dispersed work environment, it’s more important than ever to be communicating in a way that honors each employee’s preferred mode of contact. That’s why we collect preference and securely trigger messaging by email, text message, or push notification—and execute routine freshness checks to ensure ongoing deliverability.

Your own digital home

You want to foster a cohesive employee experience—and that includes a single trusted place for employees to go to receive communications. We provide that with our mobile app and web portal, designed to highlight your resources and bring your employee value proposition to life. And implementation is easy. It’s never been easier to “move-in” to your new home.

New opportunities, smarter outreach

Smart audience selection

Pre-built campaigns that
support your strategies

Multimodal outreach to
employees + dependents

A centralized entry point
for resource engagement

What our customers have to say

“Evive is a proactive benefits platform that helps employees focus on
their own health by sending targeted messages.”

—Manager, Benefits + Wellness

  Retail Brand

It’s time to replace sweat with software.
Transform how—and how well—you communicate.