Return to Work Survey:
Evive National COVID-19

Cover: Evive National COVID-19 Return to Work Survey

Return to Work Survey

Evive’s second COVID-19 survey was administered on April 30, 2020. While our first survey on April 11 probed the general population’s attitudes and behaviors around risk and preventive adherence, this survey homes in on employee sentiment on return-to-work dates, policies, and other concerns during this new stage of the crisis.

Our findings are as nuanced as the situation warrants. Most employees feel ready to return as soon as possible (May), but they’re not without worry—especially when it comes to how their own co-workers will adhere to workplace preventive policies. Meanwhile, readiness to return and multiple dimensions of employer sentiment are all highly correlated with how frequently employers are communicating with employees about return-to-work planning, operational impacts, and resources and benefits relevant to COVID-19.