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Use Data to Reduce Spend + Boost Engagement

November 4, 2021

Three Ways Evive Helps Payers

Finding ways to both reduce claims spend and boost member engagement is a challenge. And it’s no easier when you factor in the increased use of point solutions, the need to aggregate actionable data, and the pressure to add value to advocacy programs.

That’s where Evive comes in. We have the technology and know-how to help you navigate these challenges in a meaningful way to help you achieve your claims reduction and member engagement goals. Download this infographic to learn how!

Tackle Point Solutions, Data Aggregation, and Advocacy Programs

Payers are facing new challenges that make standing out in the competitive landscape more important than ever. Evive’s utilization of claims data to send personalized communications can help payers solve these challenges while reducing claim spend and increasing engagement.

We help payers when it comes to:

  • Point solution recommendations
  • Multi-source data aggregation
  • Advocacy enrichment

Check out this infographic to get the full scoop!