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Case Study

Program Optimization

Our impact: measurable + meaningful


$95 billion national home-improvement retailer


The company’s large population underutilized benefits, overspent on services, and neglected potential health risks. With more than 400,000 employees, the company sought a more objective way to select benefits that would increase use, reduce spending, and identify risks.


Learn each employee’s high-priority health and lifestyle goals, so the company can invest in benefits that employees will use. Create awareness of each employee’s health risks so employees can be directed to the specific benefits that are most relevant to them.

Our approach

Create custom survey tools to learn each person’s current health goals and lifestyle needs so we could better understand each employee’s intrinsic drivers. Engage employees to understand benefits preferences and discover hidden health risks.


81.4% completed benefits questionnaire (164,000+ employees)

65.3% completed hidden-health-risk survey (131,000+ employees)

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