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Plan Selection, Simplified

February 27, 2020

Making Open Enrollment Easier for Everyone

Plan Selection, Simplified: Making Open Enrollment Easier for Everyone

When it comes to benefits, there are multiple opportunities to improve the experience. One critical for improvement is open enrollment, something that occurs every year and affects benefits engagement significantly.

That’s why a primary product of the EviveOS platform is Evive Plan Choice. This data-driven product takes on the heavy lifting of calculating out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, in-network providers, and more, to help each person make an informed health plan decision. Evive Plan Choice factors in those calculations with past claims data from the user, as well as anticipated future care that the user can add in, and makes the most relevant and cost-effective recommendation.

Tune into this Shortlister webinar hosted by Solutions Consultant Stephanie Kistner and Senior Product Manager Niral Patel, to see how Evive Plan Choice has enabled major cost savings and a simplified experience for one large telecommunications company.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
-How critical the need is for open-enrollment decision support
-What the Plan Choice user experience looks like
-The incredible cost savings employers and employees are seeing from better plan selection
-Unique insights Plan Choice is now uncovering about plan selection and design


Stephanie Kistner

Solutions Consultant | Evive

Niral Patel

Senior Product Manager | Evive