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Personalized Offboarding Checklist

September 23, 2021

Exit + Transition Must Have’s

A Checklist to Better Manage Employee Turnover + Transition

It’s a fact: every employee will leave your organization some day. And as one employee exits, another must step in and take on their responsibilities. The Great Resignation has pushed this cycle into overdrive, resulting in record levels of employee turnover and record numbers of open positions that need filling. That’s why today’s HR pros must be on top of their offboarding game.

But it’s not just offboarding that’s so critical at this time — it’s also succession planning to make sure that your leadership pipeline is robust enough to handle the departure of even the most critical employees. Use this checklist to make your life easier, provide a positive experience for the employee leaving and have the right team in place before someone resigns to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.