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We deliver the right traffic.

For more than a decade, Evive has equipped organizations with automated messaging technology to drive the right segments of member populations to engage at the right time: from overall enrollment, to time-sensitive claims-based opportunities. Our portfolio spans healthcare, voluntary benefits, financial accounts, and more.

But there’s no limit on what data delivers.

Let’s talk engagement

You’ve invested in your member experience. Now let’s make it magnetic.

Personalized messaging

Our technology combines the industry’s richest data set (health claims, ecosystem activity, and more) with predictive analytics and behavioral science to automatically serve up the right message to the right member in the right way.

Modular + multimodal

No need to re-engineer your user experience. We can push messaging to your existing portal or mobile app, so you can display it where it makes sense. And even more simply, we can nudge members by their elected mode (email, text message, or push notification).

Equipped with intel

Data delivers more than automated, personalized messaging: it delivers insight into that outreach’s effectiveness. Our dashboards keep you on the pulse of your success. Better yet, our messaging is continuously optimized through data science.

A few key ways we make data deliver

Increasing utilization of
voluntary benefits

Empowering health
advocacy services

Driving engagement within
existing platforms

Boosting healthcare account adoption + utilization

What our partners have to say

“Great partnering, service, and technology. Evive is literally awesome.”

—Consultant, Solutions Architecture

  Major Health Carrier

If you have a member experience that needs more of the right engagement at the right time—it’s the right time to talk.