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New Consumer Research and Product Features From Evive are Preparing Employers for Return to Work

July 8, 2020

Evive, the leader in enterprise benefits engagement and communication, has released insights from its national COVID-19 consumer survey efforts as well as new product features to support employers in this challenging era. Having stayed in lockstep with its large-employer customers throughout all the stages of COVID-19, Evive is now supporting companies in the return-to-work stage.

Surveys and polls uncovered employee expectations and needs

In order to help employers better understand the needs and expectations of their employees during and after a crisis, Evive deployed two national surveys: one on early consumer behaviors around COVID-19 and another on employee return-to-work sentiments. Additionally, COVID-19-relevant questions were added into the daily poll content of the MyEvive user platform, generating thousands of rich data points for customers on workforce safety, risk, and benefits needs.

Key findings from the national surveys include:

  • Employees seek frequent communication from employers on operational impacts and available benefits related to COVID-19 (and tend to be more loyal to their company when this is achieved).
  • New workplace safety measures are being received well by employees, with 88% being willing to self-report symptoms if required to by their employer.
  • Most employees expect a pre-August re-opening of the workplace.

The insights about frequent communication, in particular, shed light on the importance of employers being able to reach their population (full-time, part-time, spouses, dependents, etc.) with the powerful communication capabilities of Evive (multimodally, whether through email, text, web portal, or mobile app) at all times.

“These insights have helped us consolidate a list of best practices and launch new product features for return to work,” said Evive CEO and co-founder Prashant Srivastava. “Our goal is to continue to be a pillar of support for large employers in this challenging journey. Ultimately, it’s about helping employees feel confident in their employer and helping employers feel confident in maintaining a safe workplace.”

Introducing MyEvive Return to Work

Based on the survey findings, the polling efforts, and other research, new features have been added to MyEvive to address the growing challenges employers are facing with rolling out workplace safety precautions and procedures.

The MyEvive Return to Work features include:

  • A daily symptom-checker survey—completed by employees in compliance with their company’s policy—that provides HR with the results and employees with approval to return to work
  • Contact tracing, enabling employers to identify employees who have potentially been exposed to COVID-19—and to determine workplace action, like segmented messaging about workplace policy updates for locations where COVID-19 case rates are trending
  • Guidance to Evive.Care, our national database of COVID-19 test centers, for those deemed at risk
  • An onsite safety protocol checklist for inspectors to mitigate risk + a safety suggestion reporting tool for employees to give anonymous input (with follow-up)
  • Business intelligence reporting, providing county-level COVID-19 case counts and predictions for employers to plan operationally

Beyond COVID-19 and returning to work, these features paired with Evive’s entire suite of capabilities will continue to support the employer and employee journey by enabling seamless, one-click access to relevant benefits resources and promoting overall population health engagement.

From the research to the execution, these recent initiatives represent a core part of Evive’s approach to getting the right information to the right people at the right time: survey, segment, send. By surveying the general population and MyEvive users, Evive gleaned relevant insights that informed smart segmentation for employers to send important messages about COVID-19, return to work, and more. This intelligence and the MyEvive Return to Work features will support large enterprises in their biggest communications and engagement challenges throughout COVID-19 and well after it, connecting employees with resources that make a difference in their lives.

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