MyEvive: A platform for
navigation, engagement, and change

MyEvive™ brings your entire benefits ecosystem into one unified platform. Single sign-ons allow quick access to favorite benefits, while health and financial account integrations bring key balances to the surface.

Then, personalized, data-driven nudges prompt action at the most relevant moments, creating an experience that’s unique to each person.

When benefits work like this, great things happen.

Available for web + mobile app

Our tools + functionality


Data-driven Callout messaging and customizable notification content moves people to timely action

Evive Plan Choice

A frictionless plan selection flow, personalized by the individual’s past medical claims

Evive Chatbot

A virtual assistant that recommends benefits—and offers guidance—on demand

Evive Best Match

Price transparency delivered through the key lens of high quality

Evive Well

A suite of experiences that enhance well-being, including HRA, digital coaching, and incentive management