Outcomes-based engagement:
It’s our mission. (And our mastery).

The opportunity: Consumer marketing has proven that data-driven, personalized outreach generates action at scale.

The Evive solution: We built a technology platform that makes
that very idea come to life for workforce engagement.

How we’re working for you


Timeliness. Relevance. We know from our own consumer experiences that these are the table stakes for attention and action in today’s world. We believe employees can achieve great things with their company resources—so we built a technology solution that helps HR leaders cut through the noise and cultivate that connection.


Tech delivers the message—but behavioral science is the key component that helps it hit home and drive action. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the leading minds in higher education to craft (and test) message framing. The result? Outreach that gets clicks—and moves feet—for real human beings.

Honestly easy

HR leaders—and their teams—are some of the busiest people we know. That’s why we specifically designed technology that doesn’t require manual work. Every time we enhance our product, we’re thinking about how to elevate you out of the bullet points and move you deeper into immediate benefits.

Two friends, one big idea: The short story of our origin

As colleagues in the healthcare industry in 2007, Evive co-founders Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava recognized a problem: healthcare was moving toward a consumer model, but little in the industry was consumer-friendly. This was particularly true with healthcare benefits. Employers were spending more and more to offer competitive benefits, yet employee utilization remained frustratingly low. Peter and Prashant saw this as their big opportunity—and challenge. Their vision: boldly transform the experience of using benefits, leveraging big data and the emerging science of predictive analytics. Over time, this vision has grown to encompass the full employee journey, including the wide host of engagement opportunities that exist when an employee joins a company, hits professional milestones, and more. Today, Evive’s solutions empower millions of people to take full advantage of their employer resources. The result? More value for everyone. Data delivers.