Benefits love:
Yes, love

Work. Family. Learning. Relationships. Few things in life matter more, and benefits help make all of them better. Yet people have long perceived benefits as complex and confusing.

We say, no longer.

Evive is clearing the way for a new conversation about benefits. Through a unique combination of big data and the latest behavioral science, we’re redefining the experience of using benefits and achieving amazing results, for employers and employees alike.

The need for change is matched only by our passion for delivering it. We won’t stop short of love.

Bringing the love: for employers

For the companies and HR leaders we partner with every day, benefits love is about delivering value across business-critical dimensions such as benefits utilization, healthcare costs, 401(k) contributions, and employee loyalty. In everything we do, Evive demonstrates a return that’s highly measurable―and meaningful.

Bringing the love: for employees

For the end user, benefits love is about creating an experience that’s seamlessly integrated into everyday life. It’s less about the act of using benefits, and more about making steady progress toward life’s most important goals. Things like feeling your best, getting promoted, putting kids through college, and saving for retirement.

Your people are essential to the success of your business, and you are essential to the success of your people. Let us help.