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Linda’s Story: How a Personalized Checklist + Timely Messaging Led to a Life-Saving Mammogram

Jennifer Siegel October 7, 2020

Evive customers have long used its namesake platform to distribute rapid response communication to crises at all sorts of levels for years, engaging employees with the health and financial resources they need—right when they need them most. While this includes rapid response for regional disasters like hurricanes and global pandemics like COVID-19, Evive is most often supporting individual microcrises. Those microcrises, in particular, are faced every day by many people, whether a financial hardship or a health scare. Linda, from The Home Depot, is quite familiar with this type of support.

An avid gardener, Linda started part-time in the garden department at The Home Depot in 2013, ultimately moving to full-time appliance sales associate. In 2016, the Healthy Living Program, The Home Depot’s incentive management program designed and delivered by Evive, supported her in a microcrisis when she needed it most.

Setting up the right program to help

For Lesley Leiserson, Senior Director of Benefits and Health Management at The Home Depot, opportunities to make people’s lives better really stood out. One of her first projects was the Healthy Living Program through Evive—and specifically, to create the OrangeLife Questionnaire, which would be a critical component.

The OrangeLife Questionnaire identifies the benefits that mean the most to each person—and delivers the immediate value of personalized recommendations when completed. This was a strategic improvement as compared to the company’s previous health assessment, which asked about 90 questions across a wide span of topics. In contrast, the OrangeLife Questionnaire included about 20 key questions to immediately connect associates to their top benefits, as well as to gather insights to be applied to The Home Depot’s benefits strategy.

It was the responses from the questionnaire that fueled the success of the Healthy Living Program. Evive was able to process questionnaire responses, medical claims, and biometric data to personalize incentive checklists, recommending the highest-value activities based on current individual health situations.

Making a difference, one life at a time

How did this come into play for Linda? As she recounts her story, she had been pushing off a mammogram for years—until it showed up on her incentive checklist. The personalized checklist, combined with Evive’s timely communication capabilities, led her to life-changing action.

And that’s what the Healthy Living Program is all about: arming people with knowledge about their health. “You can always use it to find some easy little thing to take care of,” said Linda. “And it could even save your life. I’m proof of that.”