What Keeps Benefits Leaders Up at Night?

In the words of our VP of Product Strategy and Development Lenny Fayard, we should be cognizant of challenging the status quo in HR. It’s a bold statementand as a former benefits executive, I agree.

HR/benefits leaders are cautious by nature, which is understandable. They have endless factors to consider with every new health plan, benefits offering, or employee portal they plan to introduce. They manage more complaints than compliments, and more negative responses than positive ones. Things like compliance, budget, and overall employee experience are at stake with every decision they make.

When I was in their shoes, it was a challenge to strike a balance between implementing solutions that would help employees on the one hand, while not being perceived as intrusive on the other. My team and I would look at vendors with great offerings, all with the potential to impact employee lives in meaningful ways. But we also understood that in order for these solutions to do their jobs, employee data was neededand, unfortunately, more data sharing means more risk of that data being compromised.

One of the reasons I came to Evive was that I saw an incredible platform, the Evive Operating System (eOS), that could manage these risksand I wanted to be part of it, to help other benefits executives. Here’s a closer look at some of the risks I know you’re concerned about, and how eOS can help with each one.


In HR, you’re privy to sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information and protected health information (PII and PHI, respectively). It’s critical that employees feel their personal information is safe and managed appropriately under your wing. More importantly, you need to be confident you can follow through on that promise.

It’s not always easy: In addition to your company’s own security measures, you need to continuously observe the many privacy laws and regulations in place at the international, federal, and state levelsnot to mention gain your employees’ consent and recognition of how their data is being used.

Knowing compliance is a major priority and responsibility in HR operations, eOS was rigorously designed to ensure those standards are met with every solution it provides. Moreover, the ingrained security culture of “methodical paranoia” at Evive trains every staff member to gain a mature understanding of the stakes involved with handling PII/PHI. The HITRUST CSF Certification, SOC2 requirements, and HIPAA compliance met by eOS can let any employer rest assured their data is safe, secure, and housed in one location, reducing the risk of it being mishandled or accessed somewhere it shouldn’t. Not only does this reduce concern for the HR executives; it also reduces lift for their IT team.

Vendor management

Of course, vendor integration is a big part of a benefits leader’s job. Onboarding new vendors involves a lot of due diligence, with the vendor itself and the legal policies surrounding both sides. When determining how vendors will use employee data, you need to comprehend what information will need to be shared, and how often.

In many cases, vendors request data on all employees, when in fact, they only need to communicate with a subset of them. With eOS, that data is not only protected, it’s managed with a system of intelligence that ensures information is only shared when it needs to be shared. For instance, only employees with diabetes would receive communications about a diabetes-management program, and only a subset of data in their eligibility files would be sent to the vendor.

eOS is the platform HR leaders need to get the right information to the right people, without spreading data unnecessarily.

Less lift, less risk

The fiduciary responsibilities that come with sponsoring a health plan, benefits offerings, or another employee program can weigh heavily on HR executives. If you’re one of them, let eOS do the heavy lifting and put your concerns at ease. When your employees’ data is safe, housed centrally, and shared responsibly, you can take your mind off the risks and apply that brainpower to the whole reason you implement these solutions in the first place: to connect people with resources that will make their lives better.


Want to learn more about our commitment to data security? Read the white paper by our VP of Information Security, Shaoping Zhou.

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