What Does the Client Experience Mean to Us?

My entry to Evive came with a unique transition: going from the client side to the vendor side. Among many things I learned, our approach to client relationships was something I found particularly compelling. As our CEO Prashant Srivastava mentioned in a recent blog post of his, our clients bring true partnership to our organization. That is an integral part of our journey to greatness, and it has inspired how I think about the client experience even more.

Last year, we spent a lot of time as a leadership team listening intently to our clients about what they valued. Words and phrases like transparent, partner, and extension of our team came up a lot. We decided to take those comments and apply them to a strategic improvementan improvement that would, specifically, help foster those client partnerships in a deeper way and continue to mesh the client experience with the employee experience.

Redefining success

This strategic improvement can be summed up in what we call our Client Experience team. When developing this team, we were specific in how we approached organizing and hiring for key roles. These needed to be specialists and subject-matter experts who could give clients the ongoing, personalized support they need to succeed.

When we think about how we define both client success and the client experience at Evive, we look at our three-pronged approach: helping clients thrive through…

  1. Strategy: planning, launching, and reporting
  2. Delivery: providing day-to-day support for the program
  3. Technology: supporting not only the program as it is today, but how it will evolve

Based on what we heard in 2018, we’re confident that this well-coordinated effort will provide the greatest success in 2019. It is what drives our Client Experience team to champion our co-innovation and partnership with clients, and the conversations that come out of that co-innovation give us even more insight into what success really means. For example, when one large retailer told us they had challenges making employee discount cards widely accessible, our team worked with them to make a digital version of the card available for each person in their individual MyEvive app.

Listening to our clients’ storiesboth success stories and learning experiencessheds light on what we need to do on our end to help them reach their goals. That’s what the client experience is all about.

Bringing success into the employee experience

In the spirit of redefining success for the client experience, we thought, why not use that as a benchmark for how we hire as well? Not only does that ensure success for the client, it ensures success internally: a client experience translating into an employee experience.

When interviewing, we picture ourselves as a client. How is this candidate answering a question? How are they explaining a difficult situation and what are they suggesting for how to get through it? How are they attempting to really get to know us? For instance, we ask them to explain something that’s difficult in their current roleif they can’t explain it in layman’s terms for us to understand it, we know it would be just as challenging for a client to understand.

When we think about hiring in this way, we know if it’s a fit for us, it’ll be a fit for the client. And that’s a fit all around.

Success is symbiotic

When we envision a successful client experience, we know it has to start internally. If we’re successful, we’re better positioned to make the client successful. In turn, that partnership ensures ongoing collaboration to make each other better.

As Prashant pointed out, our clients are how we achieve greatness, and when we tie that into our employee experience, we help everyone succeed. By tapping into those characteristics that our clients highlightedtransparency, partnership, and extended teamworkwe are better equipped to give them the ideal experience.

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