Personalizing Mass Outreach Down to Each Person

Imagine you have an important piece of news you want to deliver to an employee, or a specific group of employeesanything from announcing a local onsite event, to sharing a new benefit, to recognizing a work anniversary. How would you get that message out?

A meeting? Maybe, if you could get everyone in the same place at the same time. An email? You could, but you risk it being buried in their inboxes. What about word of mouth? Your message might not sound anything like the original by the time it makes the rounds (does anyone remember the game “Telephone?”).

What about digital notifications? Just-in-time messages can drown out the background noise and seamlessly deliver updates in a way that’s convenient for you and your employees. At Evive, we’re everywhere when it comes to channels: desktop, mobile, paper. We can engage everybody no matter how they access their informationwhether you need to reach everyone, a specific segment of people, or even just one person!

With our widespread platform, digital notifications can be used to send the unique messages you want to send out on your own time, in your own way. Our notification center makes it easy for employers to give that personal touch to anything they want. Here are the advantages of this approach:

Reach people where they already are

Most Fortune 500 companies have tens of thousands of employeessome employ hundreds of thousandsand those employees work across the globe, on a variety of job sites. Further, Gallup’s State of the American Workplace says 43% of employees spend at least some time working remotely, which is another sizable population of your workforce that could miss onsite updates. Employees need to be able to access messages wherever they are: a delivery truck, an office, a warehouse, a sales floor, or anywhere else they can access a desktop or mobile device.

The Pew Research Center recently reported that 77% of Americans own a smartphone, while in 2011, that number was just 35%. That’s a significant jump in just seven years, and one that isn’t likely to wane in the coming years, so ensuring company news is easily accessible on a mobile device matters. In fact, your employees are already using these devices to get news outside work! Mobile devices have actually surpassed laptop and desktop computers as a common news source. Going to their mobile device for notifications from their employer fits into people’s existing habitsand makes your messages more likely to be seen.

Get those targeted messages out quickly

Using a digital notification center means you can confidently reach a group of employees right away, regardless of where they are. While you may be able to get their attention later with a different mode of communication, or through a mass message to everyone, the notification center ensures you get to only the intended audienceand fast. Now, that targeted group can engage with your message from the moment you send it.

One large employer we work with used this method to reach employees about flex-spending deadlines. Rather than sending the “use it or lose it” reminder to everybody in the workforce, they only pushed the message to those who specifically had remaining funds before the approaching the deadline. This client also embraced the notification center to reach just full-time employees in a particular location about a new pilot program, for which part-timers weren’t eligible. Getting notifications to the right people was the priority in these scenarios.

But sometimes, instant delivery is the factor that’s particularly crucial. Updates about safety, for instance, in the event of a weather disaster could be sent and received urgently with digital notifications. One of our clients used this approach when a hurricane unexpectedly hit, and they wanted to make sure employees who were in the path of that hurricane were safe. They used digital notifications to send a message asking employees to verify their safety simply by clicking a button, and to call a specified “help” number if they needed to reach HR personnel (who were specifically staffed to help in this situation quickly).

Deliver your content in your own words

A digital notification center gives you full ownership of this in-the-moment content you’re creating, and it empowers you to pen the message exactly how you want it. That’s especially important when sending out updates that need to have your company’s distinct voice and values incorporated into it.

An effective digital notification center also provides flexibility and doesn’t force you to fit your message into a templated format. You need the freedom to send out anything to anyone, from logistical notifications like announcing an onsite flu-shot event, to messages about birthdays and work anniversaries. And, most importantly, you need to be able to segment those messages appropriatelyfor instance, alerts on ways to use a flex-spending account may be different for those with dependents than for those without.

Think about how you might recognize a group of outstanding employees on a project they accomplished: a generic, one-size-fits-all message is impersonal and disingenuousand employees can tell, especially if that same message goes to other groups. What delivers impact is the voice of the leadership coming through, highlighting specific traits and accomplishments of the recognized group, and building up the company’s specific culture.

Take the next step

A digital notification center is the tool you can start using right now to deliver the message you want, to the audience you wantanytime, anywhere. Does your HR or benefits portal offer a digital notification feature to reach specific segments of people? If not, it might be time to get one. If used to its full potential, it can improve employee engagement and help both you and your workforce achieve shared goals.

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