Member Satisfaction isn’t Just a Metric—it’s a Value

Employees have a lot to think about every day. While they’re of course focused on their jobs, they’re also concerned about their families, health, financial goals, and other important things in lifeand having the right benefits at their disposal goes a long way in easing those worries.

However, because of the way benefits are often administered, people aren’t able to keep up with the options available to them or make decisions that could help them lead their best lives. Online overload,” uncertainty about available benefits, and sheer lack of time get in the way of engagement, to the point that two-thirds of employees say reading about benefits is too stressful and less than half will spend more than 30 minutes on benefits choices.

It’s an interesting dynamic, given the great lengths companies go to to make sure employees are happy and productive. They train them, nurture them, and continuously evaluate their performance to uncover opportunities for career development and growth. Yet, many don’t appear to do the same due diligence with employee benefits, despite its potential impact on businessand lives.

While business ROI is certainly critical, let’s focus on the latter point for now: impacting lives. Engaging people with benefits that can help people get back to the things they care about in life is just as important. Increased benefits utilization is a successful metric for employers to see, but what about the human aspect behind those numbers? People may be using their benefits more, but are they happy with how they got there? How easily did they access them and understand them?

The more comfortable employees are with the experience, the more likely they are to continue using those benefits and see substantial results. We see the value in that, which is why we prioritize member satisfaction just as much as member engagement. While the two don’t always go hand in hand, it’s possible to give attention to both and spot important correlations for the most positive, well-rounded experience.

Being an ally to members

The perks and plans employers offer through benefits programs should make financial sense for the company, as well as provide real value to the employees. That value lies in making benefits easy to understand, access, and useand making sure employees feel supported along the way.

As the days of bulky packets continue to be replaced with online portals, it’s imperative for employers to emphasize a seamless user experience if they want to maximize employee satisfaction and benefits use. From portal navigation and initial registration, to easily accessing insurance information in an app, the entire system has to be simple, intuitive, and geared toward the person using it. And seeing as how there’s a direct correlation between the quality of a benefits experience and employee retention (nearly 80% of employees who are extremely or very satisfied with their benefits are also extremely or very satisfied with their jobs), it behooves employers to provide an end-to-end process employees can easily navigate to get the information they want, when they need it.

Giving that kind of experience often eludes employers, however, because they typically don’t have the resources in place to give employees intricate guidance for questions or concerns regarding benefits. Employee satisfaction isn’t just about offering strong benefits and tools to use them; it’s about having a support team in place to make sure those employees are having a successful experience. While email support or FAQ sections may be suitable in some situations, the opportunity to speak to a dedicated customer-service rep who has a comprehensive understanding of the portal is an added layer of care appreciated by many.

Evive’s Member Services team fulfills that role, providing live support for employees who may be confused about navigating the benefits portal. Member Services reps are well-trained experts in the various features, functions, and workflows of the benefits portal to deliver quick, accurate helpand to highlight the best ways to use the portal for each member’s unique needs. The result is an impactful experience that not only resolves questions and issues, but creates a true support system that encourages deeper engagement.

Listening to members

Of course, deeper and more meaningful engagement must extend beyond relying on a customer service team to keep users happy. How you communicate with your members year-round is also critical to earning their trust and satisfaction.

We believe in using deep-seated principles of behavioral science to message people about their benefits in unique ways that are most likely to engage them, and our system continuously learns from those responses. For example, after a user registers, her profile, historical data, and unique life events trigger personalized nudges. Depending on her situation, these nudges might be about how she can save money on prescription medication by switching to generics, start planning for retirement by opening a 401(k), or get assistance with paying back student loans. Since each employee will respond to different nudges in different ways, tracking and analyzing each person’s action sheds light on which nudges are working and which aren’tall part of producing a superior member experience.

Recurring sentiment surveys are another tool we use to take a regular ‘temperature check’ on member experiences. By giving users the opportunity to voice their opinions each month, we continuously learn from valuable feedback: not only about the product itself, but about their journey with the product. Hearing comments like, “I enjoy logging in each day” or “It wasn’t a hassle at all” affirm a positive member experience, just as constructive criticism teaches us what we need to do to improve the experience.

It all comes back to the end user

Caring about each member is the underlying fuel for understanding and improving the user experience, and for achieving true value to members and the business. When members are happy and engaged, it shows in their quality of health and well-being, in their level of financial security, and in their overall joy in life. That’s real value.

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