Learning + Growing: What Consultant Partners Have Taught Us

As continuous learners at Evive, we’re always working to improve. So we recently collected feedback from our consultant partners to gain better awareness of how we’re perceived in the industry.

A great deal of our business comes from consultants, which is why we thought it was imperative to hear from them on topics such as the digital benefits navigation space and Evive’s performance within it. Right off the bat, we learned that 77% of respondents are either ”very familiar” or “somewhat familiar” with the digital navigation space, and 50% view Evive as a “key player in the space.”

The validation that we’re capturing attention of key stakeholders is valuablebut what’s even more important is understanding how we’re capturing their attention. 

Strengths and opportunities

To ensure we’re meeting the expectations of consultant partners, we asked the respondents to share what we’re doing well and what we could do better. As a means of self-reflection and growth, we found this very insightful.

Here’s what they told us: 


  • Flexibility to focus beyond health
  • Claims integration
  • Innovative roadmap
  • Willingness to partner with clients


  • Better define our value prop
  • Set clear expectations during the sales process
  • Implement more 
wellness initiatives 
  • Improve operational excellence

We combed through these responses in detail to determine the vital takeaways. The strengths confirmed some of our highest selling points, while the opportunities presented us with ways we can grow to meet market demands. This has empowered us with the ability to learn and evolve in a way that’s only possible with outside, unbiased feedback.

Practicing a pillar of The Evive Way

We love the candid nature of the responses we received, and look forward to continuing this survey on an annual basis. Our analysis of the results is an ongoing conversation with the executive team at Evive, and we’ve committed to putting together an action plan for addressing the opportunities that we can. One immediate action item we’ve moved forward with is adjusting our sales training to ensure we’re asking employers the right questions: understanding what success looks like for them and explaining which of our solutions can help them get there.

As we learn more, we’ll continue to share our findings with you. If you’re a consultant who wants to receive quarterly updates on this and other Evive initiatives, subscribe to my newsletter, Spark, below.

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