Evive Is Here for You: Helping Employers Support Employees During COVID-19

As an engagement partner to many large companies across the nation, Evive is committed to getting the right message to the right people at the right time, thus enabling them to get the most out of their benefits programs. This is especially critical in trying times like these. The COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm and caught many by surprise, but it’s exactly the type of emergency that Evive’s technology is here to support people through.

We want to take this opportunity to share what our team is doing to support employers’ strategies of increasing workplace safety and emergency preparedness, specifically surrounding coronavirus.

Targeted, relevant notifications

Evive has identified all individuals within each employee population who meet the high risk criteria set by the CDC due to their medical conditions. We’re sending these individuals notifications to reinforce the resources available through their company’s benefits and promote population safety.

Examples of notifications include:

Who’s at risk?

“Some individuals have a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 infection. If you or a family member is 65 or older, immunocompromised, or has a chronic condition like heart or lung disease, extra precaution is a good idea.” 

Audience: All covered employees and family members at particularly high risk due to pre-existing conditions including: diabetes, hypertension, heart, respiratory, autoimmune, or immunocompromised conditions

Worried? Help is at hand.

“The news can be stressful. As coronavirus raises global concerns, it’s only natural to feel anxious and on-edge. But you don’t have to go it alone—you’ve got support from [company’s resource].” 

Audience: All covered employees who have known mental health conditions related to anxiety 

Care from your couch

“Virtual visits are great for non-emergency health issues like bronchitis, rash, or minor sprains and strains—and they keep you and your family away from the ER, too. Find out how to make a virtual appointment 24/7 with [company’s resource].” 

Audience: All covered employees with dependents on coverage.

We’ve launched specific communications to address concerns and provide recommendations about COVID-19. Its intent is to gently dispel any anxiety people may be feeling about the spread of COVID-19, help them understand basic preventive measures, and direct them to an in-depth resource for more information.

We’re a partner to our customers’ partners

Part of helping our customers is standing ready to help their partners. This means supporting health plans, PBMs, and other programs in communicating any special accommodations (waived copays, prior authorization requirements, rapid refills, etc.) to relevant populations.

Our goal is to support these teams with ease of communication to the right segments of the population during these challenging circumstances. Our team is galvanized by a common purpose: saving lives.

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