Empower Advocates with the Right Information

When people have questions about their benefits, they mainly get answers about their current needs. But what if they were to get intuitive guidance toward future needs as well?

While digital navigation is a pillar of achieving such a thing, human support is still needed. Sometimes, people just want to be connected with a live agent who can give them the right information in the moments they need it.

However, benefits concierges, health advocates, and call-center representativesthe service providers who are the backbone of many benefits interactionstypically aren’t given as much information as they need to provide every answer to their callers. They need a solution that empowers them to guide people toward benefits that matter today, next month, and six months from now.

We believe in providing a holistic view of the member’s journey to advocates, so they can have the capability to understand the person’s benefits quickly and make relevant suggestions. The Evive 360 product provides advocates with a real-time view of the individual they’re speaking with, based on eligibility and claims data. It also leverages vendor data to better understand the person’s health history, program participation, recent benefits communications, and more. 

With a view like this, richer interactions can occur for everyone involved.

Telephonic guidance that bridges all your benefits offerings

A data-driven dashboard with customized recommendations can help empower better benefits decisions throughout the year. After all, the heavy lifting is done: Evive 360 puts the data and advice right there. Sometimes people just need a nudge and an explanation of what’s available to them through their employer.

For example, consider an incoming call from an employee who has a question related to her diabetes. A nurse at a health carrier with access to Evive 360 would be able to introduce relevant programs in that employee’s benefits ecosystem, noting how the employee could leverage Livongo to get a free blood-glucose monitor or use Express Scripts to receive generic diabetes medication through mail-order service.

Or, how about another employee calling a benefits concierge regarding deductible and out-of-pocket costs for an upcoming surgery? They could seamlessly receive a recommendation to consider a second opinion through a vendor in their benefits ecosystem, like ConsumerMedical. It’s all about personalized benefits interactions that make a difference. Better yet, they can be delivered through a simple, easy conversation with powerful AI-enabled learning in the background.

Digital living will drive these trends further and faster 

A recent Willis Towers Watson survey pointed out that 55% of employers provide some form of decision support tools, and 67% are now prioritizing online and in-person training to educate their employees. It’s no surprise, since retailing and the never-ending assortment of targeted goods and services have conditioned people to accept decision-making help in real time. 

Yet, a truly holistic approach? Willis Towers Watson says it’s still mostly in its infancy at only about one-third (28%) of all employersand the digital revolution to properly support it remains in infancy as well. Less than one third of employers (31%) provide easy access to decision support through a mobile app, but almost twice that number (61%) “plan to enhance this capability in the next three years.”

It’s all the more reason to give better support to advocates now. They’re advocating for your benefits program, and they’re advocating for your employees’ well-being.

As for Evive 360, it’s readyare you?

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