Checklist: Is Your Platform Equipped to Communicate in a Crisis? 10 Things to Look for

The recent months have exposed an important truth for employers: powerful communication capabilities are a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

In times of crisis—and all other times, for that matter—employees need to be reached in pivotal moments that can make a difference. Whether it’s about quickly-evolving information that could impact someone’s health in an emergency, or an update about a new benefit that could provide support in a significant life event, the ability to send timely, relevant, and multimodal messages matters.

But that’s not enough. Employers also need access to key insights that drive those communications, as well as insights that empower them to make the best strategic and operational decisions for their business. To accomplish all of these efforts, large enterprises need a robust communications platform by their side. Not only does this enable what’s really needed for effective emergency preparation and response, it lifts that employer up to be the primary, reliable source of information for employees every day.


Checking the boxes

The EviveOS platform was designed with 10 core capabilities in mind to achieve these goals and more:

  1. Ingest deep data across the employee experience to maintain unique member profiles.
  2. Maintain accuracy through automatic data freshness checks.
  3. Deliver messages multimodally through push notifications, SMS, or email—depending on the individual’s elected preference.
  4. Empower rapid response to urgent situations (including, but not limited to pandemics, catastrophic weather events, wildfires, and ozone action days).
  5. Include part-time employees, covered spouses, and dependents in the messaging population.
  6. Segment lists of recipients using deep data points as variables.
  7. Heighten engagement across all available employee resources. 
  8. Track that engagement with opens and clicks via a real-time dashboard.
  9. Provide key business insights by pulling together available data in dashboards and visualizations.
  10. Achieve all of the above through a security-compliant platform, adherent to HIPAA and GDPR standards and HITRUST and SOC2 certified.

Is your platform up to the challenge?

Each of these capabilities is included in the checklist for a key reason. They support one another very intentionally to create an impactful experience for both the employer and the covered messaging population. Check out our eBook for a deeper dive on each platform feature and what it can do for your communication strategy (and business success).

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