Characteristics of an Eviver

When Prashant and I started Evive, we brought our past experiences with us. Both of us worked for successful businesses that excelled for many of the same reasons, but one thing we found that was truly unique at each place was the culture. Every company views it differently and made it their own.

One takeaway was that how you shape your culture can define you as a company. The way Prashant and I saw it is that if you treat your team members the way you’d want to be treated, that practice will carry through not only in subsequent workplace interactions, but in client interactions as well. If you’re authentic with your colleagues, you’ll naturally bring those characteristics to customers.

This led us to the creation of The Evive Way, a set of principles that guide how we work together as a team, how we shape our external interactions, and how we ultimately drive success. Those who thrive at our company are those who embody the spirit of The Evive Way in their work and interactions with others. Their characteristics inform our culture, and vice versa.  

Practicing and rewarding these characteristics helped us preserve our core values. But one of the great things about Evivers is their innovative naturethey observe patterns and identify new values that enter our culture while continuing to maintain the foundational ones. They recognize that as our business evolves, and as the world around us evolves, our culture should do the same.

We communicate this mantra, and those key characteristics, as we hire. When we interview at Evive, we aim to understand the person as a whole. It’s not just about fulfilling the job dutiesit’s about who you are. Passion. The things that drive you, what you value. That entrepreneurial spirit. Understanding that how you get there is as important as getting there.

Evive is made up of numerous subject-matter experts. By identifying diverse skill sets and backgrounds that collaborate well together, we see the most meaningful outcomes—for our business, for our customers, and for our culture.

Bottom line: Evivers are conscious and concerned doers, striving every day for success. If these characteristics appeal to you, I hope you’ll learn more about our career opportunities.

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