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Why We Do What We Do: The Role of Customer Success

What does it really mean? Customer success? To us, it means expressing the voice of the customer. It means bringing cross-functional teams together to remove any roadblocks that could prevent the customer’s goals from being met. But without a clear vision and grounding principles, customer success is just a term. It needs to be more […]

What Listening Looks Like: A Product Perspective

Listening takes on many forms in a workplace. Last month, Evive’s Director of Human Resources, Elisabeth Duncan, described how our senior leadership engages in intentional listening as a method of staying attuned to an evolving company culture. This method of survey and response is critical in tailoring benefits to an employee population and fostering a […]

Wages, Perks, Culture: Why We Need Them All

Competitive salaries and tailored benefits attract great candidates—but companies can do even more to create exceptional employee experiences as they build the workforce they want. It’s called company culture, and it can be the difference between an employer that has to work to find good candidates and the one that star prospects actively seek out. […]

10 Years of Benefits Engagement: A Q&A with the Friends Who Started Evive

It has been a groundbreaking year for Evive: from our 10-year anniversary to the launch of our rebranding, there seemed like no better time than the present to take a moment and reflect on Evive’s incredible journey. We chatted with co-founders (and pals) Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava to learn more about the company’s origins, […]

Why Love? The Story Behind the New Evive

In 2007, Peter Saravis and Prashant Srivastava set out to answer a question: why can’t healthcare be as accessible, clear, and friendly as everything else consumers use? Together, the two friends joined forces to create Evive, an ambitious startup that would go on to make healthcare more understandable and relevant to employees. Now, 10 years […]

Startup No More: Evive Health Celebrates 10 Years


As Evive heads into its second decade, the company plans to apply its healthcare-engagement expertise across the entire benefits ecosystem, creating a singular experience for employee health, wealth, and work/life benefits. When you order a pizza, you can see the price right on the menu. When you’re shopping for a new car, you can read […]