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Making Open Enrollment the Best Experience for Everyone

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The right communication strategy can help make this year’s annual enrollment better than ever. But doing so will require some fresh thinking and creative execution if you are to move the needle in providing true value and meaningful engagement by your employees. Here are three things you can do to make this happen. Communicate with […]

Setting the Stage (and Writing the Script) for Interconnectedness Within Benefits Ecosystems

At Evive, we recognize the potential for the positive changes that can occur when benefits ecosystems are interconnected and integrated. Like Amazon, Evive uses purchasing data (such as healthcare claims, program enrollment data, program participation, customer service encounters, balances, and contributions, etc.) to predict what benefits an individual will likely need next. Then, like Google, […]

It’s Time to Prioritize ‘Prioritization’: How Interconnectedness Improves Benefits Usage and Value

As an HR leader, you put considerable effort into selecting which benefits you offer your employees, and put just as much care into selecting the vendors that provide those benefits. The vendors you’ve chosen offer high quality services, but when they operate in a vacuum—that is, without linking to or communicating with the other vendors […]

Enabling Patients Consumerism 101: Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Messaging

Shopping around for the best price is Consumerism 101. In the age of mobile devices having a permanent spot in the purse or pocket, anyone can see a product they want in a store, quickly hop online, and see where they can get the same item for less money. Paying more than you have to […]

Second Opinions Can Help Reduce Wasteful Medical Spending: How to Get People to Use Them

Take a look at a healthcare expenditures map, and you’ll see that some regions in the U.S. spend a lot more than others. Is it because their populations are sicker? In many cases, probably not. According to researchers at the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences (CECS) at Dartmouth Medical School, the wide gap in […]

Predictive Analytics Deliver Wellness Engagement And Results

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One of the greatest challenges confronting America’s employers is also one of the oldest: how to control the rising costs of employee healthcare. Over the past decade employers have come to realize that one way to significantly impact these costs is to keep their employees healthier. Doing so reduces the cost of employer (and employee) […]