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Engaging Healthcare Consumers with Predictive Analytics

Much has been said recently about the healthcare industry’s discovery of predictive analytics and how the intelligent use of this science is helping hospitals target products and services to their constituency and more effectively maximize their marketing dollars. But there is another application of this knowledge, which is worth taking heed of as well. With […]

Healthcare Consumerism is Different from Traditional Consumerism in Many Ways—But Here’s One Way it’s Not

When it comes to creating smart consumers who are empowered to choose services or products that bring them the most value, healthcare is unlike any other sector. Many of the challenges that come with helping someone “shop” for a service or provider are unique to healthcare. But there’s a way in which consumerism in healthcare […]

Few Healthcare Consumers Know About Consumerism

The introduction of mobile devices as a standard tool in our everyday lives has fostered in a new era of consumerism where shopping is concerned. Now, anyone who sees a product they want in a store can quickly hop online and discover where they can get that same item for less. So why hasn’t such […]

Healthcare Consumers are Here to Stay: Here’s How to Help Them Succeed

The consumer isn’t a new player in the healthcare game. “Consumer” is just a new name given to the patient who, due to changes in how much and how we pay for healthcare, has been given the task of applying consumer principles when obtaining healthcare services. Not everybody’s used to it yet. It’s a fairly […]

4 Steps to Creating Personalized Multimodal Messaging for Your Multigenerational Employees

Your goals: To keep your employees informed about their benefits offerings, to help your employees take advantage of the benefits you offer right when they need them, and to maximize the value of your benefits for both your company and your employees. So, how do you get there? By creating personalized multimodal messaging for members […]

What You Can Learn From Using (and Testing!) Behavioral Science Principles in Your Benefits Communication

As mentioned in a previous blog post, determining an individual employee’s specific mode of preference when it comes to receiving communications (and being able to deliver the message on all modes) is crucial to making sure messages are received and read. Once you’ve found out how your employees like to be reached, add the second […]

Every Mode for Every Generation: Be Prepared to Communicate Through All Channels

The American workforce has changed in a lot of ways over the past few decades. But one of the most interesting changes we’ve seen is that we now have, for the first time, four different generations working side-by-side. Today’s workforce is comprised of the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials. Because members of […]

Making Open Enrollment the Best Experience for Everyone

The right communication strategy can help make this year’s annual enrollment better than ever. But doing so will require some fresh thinking and creative execution if you are to move the needle in providing true value and meaningful engagement by your employees. Here are three things you can do to make this happen. Communicate with […]

Setting the Stage (and Writing the Script) for Interconnectedness Within Benefits Ecosystems

At Evive, we recognize the potential for the positive changes that can occur when benefits ecosystems are interconnected and integrated. Like Amazon, Evive uses purchasing data (such as healthcare claims, program enrollment data, program participation, customer service encounters, balances, and contributions, etc.) to predict what benefits an individual will likely need next. Then, like Google, […]

It’s Time to Prioritize ‘Prioritization’: How Interconnectedness Improves Benefits Usage and Value

As an HR leader, you put considerable effort into selecting which benefits you offer your employees, and put just as much care into selecting the vendors that provide those benefits. The vendors you’ve chosen offer high quality services, but when they operate in a vacuum—that is, without linking to or communicating with the other vendors […]